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The results I create for my clients are the culmination of my cutting edge approach to the Real Estate Industry. Technology driven and reimagined for individual care. My clients find the confidence to take control of their transaction through the tools and guidance I provide and the results speak for themselves.


Listing Results By Design


When a potential client approaches me with the prospect of selling their home I know they are inviting me into their life. Home is at the center of every aspect of life. It's a reprieve from the outside world, it's shelter for family and friends, it's all the afternoons of DIY and yard work, it's a store of value and an investment in the future. I approach my clients understanding what it took for them to make the effort to meet with me and I put their life and needs at the forefront of my process. 

There are many reasons why a home sale is necessary and the results of the sale need to satisfy those reasons or for me it doesn't make sense. I go the extra mile to help my client decide if a home sale is the answer for them and wether or not their timing is ideal. Once I have consulted with a client and we have identified that a home sale will be successful, the real work begins. 

I have perfected the home selling process in today's market leveraging my skills with online marketing, prospect follow up and escrow negotiations. My sellers realize their goals in record time consistently finding their buyer in the first weekend their home hits the market. Throughout the process they are consulted every step of the way to ensure that their expectations are being met and that their goals remain the top priority. 

In escrow, my sellers find an apt partner in all of their decisions as they navigate the negotiations created by a buyer's investigation. During the process my team is right there with them providing the support they need to accomplish all of the little tasks required by the escrow process. Through this process I have overseen the smooth successful sale of many Long Beach homes. 



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Buyer Guidance That Hits Home


At the core of every home search is the desire to establish a foundation for the life you want to live. Home is the center of that life and the one you choose will affect every aspect of how you live it. We use simple parameters in the beginning to group together potential properties such as how many bedrooms or bathrooms may be needed and wether or not there is a yard but there is no online search available that can inform you how you'll feel when you walk through the door. Knowing and understanding this is the bedrock of one of my great talents. I don't sell homes for the sake of selling homes, but rather I relentlessly seek homes that will ignite the feeling of home in my clients. 

Once we find a potential home, have toured it and are ready to put in an offer, it can be difficult to decide if the property is priced appropriately. There are many aspects of a property that will have an affect on it's value and there are no sticker price guides as every home has a unique profile. My vast experience in pricing homes appropriately will give you the confidence you need to make informed decisions about wether or not a target price fits the property. You will be supplied with a Comparative Market Analysis for every home you endeavor to purchase before you write an offer. 

Identifying the home is not enough. It must be won. In a hot market like Long Beach most of the tears shed come from the lost opportunity of putting a desired home in escrow. Through my experience as a listing agent I have keen insight into the "seller's mindset" and can give an honest assessment of what the seller is trying to accomplish through pointed conversations with the Seller's agent. I know how to build rapport with a Seller's Agent that will lay the foundation of trust that is required to see an escrow through to it's finish. I know how to package your buyer profile in your very best light, representing your interests in an earnest and endearing manner to both the agent and the seller.  Through these techniques I have consistently secured escrows for my buyers in multiple counter situations even when they didn't have the best offer. 

Finally, once a property has been acquired and the escrow process is underway, my team will position you for success. Guiding you through inspections and negotiations, helping to facilitate your loan, communicating with escrow and the agent to make sure all of the moving parts are harmonious, knowing when to compromise and sometimes knowing when to walk away. You will make some decisions during the process that are not easy, but I will always be there to give you sound advice on all things. 


Community Built On Kindness, Consideration And Compromise


guidance that puts you at the center of your community

The endeavor of selling or buying a home is by it's very nature impactful on the community within which it is realized. As my client your decisions will be influenced by the nuances of the neighborhood around you and the people living it. Every transaction I am involved in represents another opportunity to become a part of a community within which I will continue to work and live. This understanding is why my community minded approach adds insight into your transaction. Every door I open or knock, every house I call and ultimately every community member I interact with will be met with the kindness and professionalism you would expect from me in representation of your interests. I not only regard your transaction in the time that it exists but also the community before and after. 

Real Estate is not just about the transaction for me it's about how you want to live your life. You can rest assured the actions I take to help you realize your goals will be conscious of your standing and relationships with those in  your building, street, neighborhood and community. I will endeavor to provide you with considerate and responsible representation and those who you have interacted with or will interact with will be left with the highest impression of you. Any situation that arises out of my interaction with your community that creates anything less than a positive response will be met with an open line of communication, am immediate evaluation of the situation at hand and a resourceful investigation into solutions built on compromise. This is my pledge to you, myself and our community.


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