An Urban Ocean Side Environment Currently Prone To Growth

In a car it doesn't take very long to see all of Downtown Long Beach, from the harbor side Shoreline Village, the Pike Outlets and Convention Center to the bustling residential blocks north of 4th s,  and in a way that is what makes it so endearing. Everything you'd expect from the urban Downtown environment of a big city is here and just enough of it. If you happen to get out of the car and walk around you find that there is so much more, dining, shopping community and cultural events. It wasn't always like this. Downtown Long Beach has for a very long time battled the weight of some poor decisions, and in turn experienced a period of almost pure vacancy. 

Yet, in the past decade the city has successfully rebounded under a new progressive, pedestrian and bike friendly dogma. Today, Downtown is bustling with development. Nearly $3.5 Billion in housing and improvements are planned over the next decade much of which is already in the works. Downtown and adjoining neighborhoods, East Village, North Pine to name a couple, have become some of the most desirable neighborhoods for first time buyers boasting high walkability scores, proximity to the SoCal's major freeways, fresh and innovative dining, and affordable housing.  


You may be thinking... "this guy is not intelligent, he's walking in the middle of the street".. and well, there's that.