Bluff Heights

A Neighborhood Comprised Almost Entirely Of Craftsman Style Homes

Bluff Heights is one of the more interesting neighborhoods in Long Beach when considering it's makeup and where it's situated in the city. Only a couple blocks from the ocean and Downtown, it takes the comfort of yards and front porches and places it seemingly right in the middle of an urban environment. On the face it's almost a quiet residential community comprised of single family homes, but delve a little deeper and you'll find it's quite nuanced and just as lively as the surrounding neighborhoods. I do not kid when I tell you it is littered with craftsman style homes. Just about every single variation of this architectural style can be found among the properties here and for this it is cherished. 

Within it's border exists a very small four block micro-neighborhood called Carrol Park, whose windy streets by their very nature force an exclusivity known to to no other community in town. Yet, aside from it's composition the neighborhood boasts two of the city's most prominent and long standing coffee shops, Hot Java and Portfolio, the latter of which I frequented as a child. It is also home to some of my favorite eateries, Restauration, La Parrolacia, Star of Siam, Chen's and Aji just to name a few. When living here you are never far from the action when the mood strikes and when you're done, home is not far away.


My Favorite Unnatainable Craftsman

Pictured here you'll find my absolute favorite home in Bluff Heights. Unfortunately it is currently owned by a Monastery and inhabited by Monks!