Alamitos Beach

Celebrated For It's Proximity To Downtown & The Beach

Alamitos Beach remains to this day my favorite neighborhood in Long Beach. Of my 18 year residency in Long Beach, I have spent more than 80% of it here. For me it's the perfect mix of walkability, proximity to Downtown and easy access to the Beach. Much more than those things however is the unmistakable sense of community here. Everywhere you look there are residents of Long Beach, walking and riding their bikes, making use of the neighborhood's parks, coffee shops and diners. 

When Long Beach has a community event you can bet the bank that it will pass through these streets and that's really when the neighborhood comes alive. For as long as I can remember this 8 block stretch of eclectic housing has hosted Long Beach's Pride Parade, an event I used to enjoy by simply walking out of my front door with a couple lawn chairs and sitting in my front yard. It is also home to some fascinating dining experiences such as Ellie's, The Pizza Place and Garden Cafe and Spicy Sugar Thai. 


A Rainbow Cross Walk
This intersection was one of the first to feature a rainbow crosswalk signaling the neighborhoods long standing relationship with the LGBTQ community.